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Keynoting on Resilience and

Youth Empowerment

Audience at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon (credit: Ubuntu-IPAV)

Doaa was invited by the Instituto Padre António Vieira Institute (IPAV) to address its Ubuntu Leaders Academy – Ubuntu Schools event in November 2021.

Engaging with 12,000 youth from 190 countries, Ubuntu ‘aims to develop the values of servant leadership, ethics of care and bridge-building in young people with high leadership potential from vulnerable contexts and who seek the common good of their communities.’

Over 1,200 people filled the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation auditorium in Lisbon, Portugal as Doaa spoke about the importance of youth empowerment.

Recounting her own dramatic personal story, Doaa said, ‘We are people who legitimately demanded peace, yet we were confronted with death, displacement and suffering.’

‘But I haven’t come here to talk about despair. I have come to talk about responsibility. Let this day remind us that it is everyone’s right to live in peace. Everyone’s.’

Doaa finished her speech by urging the young people in the audience to stand up for their beliefs and live with resilience.

Doaa had also taken part in the Ubuntu Leaders Academy (ULA) days earlier.

Promoting the development of personal, social and civic skills, ULA draws inspiration from individuals such as Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Malala.

Doaa Al Zamel speaking to the Ubuntu Leaders Academy (credit: Ubuntu-IPAV)

The host organization, IPAV, has the mission of fostering social innovation and collaborative culture in Portugal and globally.

Ubuntu Leaders Academy activity (credit: Ubuntu-IPAV)

Doaa speaking on resilience (credit: Ubuntu-IPAV)

Meeting new friends in Lisbon (credit: Ubuntu-IPAV)